I sent this email to the Putty guys, but I haven't heard back from them. So I'll post it here.


First of all, thanks for your work on Putty. It's a very useful tool for us.

However pscp uploads much more slowly than it should for us. We are uploading from our office network (UK) to a server in a German data centre. Ping latency to the server is ~31ms.

Uploading a ~100MB file, putty stabilises at around 220kB/s: IndigoRenderer_x64_4.0.14 | 100580 kB | 218.2 kB/s | ETA: 00:00:43 | 91%

The computer it is running on is running Windows server 2008, on an i7-2600, with 16GB RAM.

In comparison, scp running on a Linux machine on the same LAN, uploading to the same server, gets around 8MB/s upload speed.

speedtest.net shows a ~60Mb/s upload speed from our office.

This indicates to me that the pscp upload speeds are a lot slower than they could be. Is this a problem you are aware of? Are there any plans to improve the upload speed?